Last week someone stole my intelligence!

Let me explain – years ago I developed a “kick-ass” Audit document that I shared with clients who were deciding on the focus of their drumming circle event. My Audit had been painstakingly prepared and was [he says with a smug smile] an exhaustive list of how a company could benefit from a drumming circle.

Well this woman, person, emailed me masquerading as someone, as an HR person from a company I know… I sent the document in good faith and POOF – she vanishes, turns out she has never worked for the organization she mentioned and I can only guess that she can’t wait to use my audit for her own purposes.
So I’ve decided to share my Audit with you, right here, right now.
If you are interested in knowing how I can focus your drumming circle – download my PDF below.

Let’s get drumming!

Click link to view PDF – What Do You Need to Help Your Team Move to Different Beat?


Playing in a drum circle demonstrates your personality and how you will work with your colleagues back at the office.

For years people have been interested in learning about personality types and how they interact.

One way to learn about each other is to improvise music together in a drumming circle. In an improvised piece, the group creates a sustained piece of music together where every person plays whatever patterns (rhythms) they like and can change patterns whenever they wish.

This might sound like a recipe for certain chaos however with the right preliminary exercises, any group can achieve this. The constant is that peoples’ personalities will always dictate what and how they play.

An improvised piece will go through cycles. This cycle consists of sections of rhythmic stability (groove) and transition points. The lengths of these sections are unpredictable and subject to many variables.  Some transitions can be subtle while others not so much.  This is wonderful to experience and great to learn from.

I have spent some time thinking about how Myers-Briggs personality profiles could translate to how people will drum in an improvised piece and have come up with the following results shown below.

While I have not formally tested and chronicled my observation, based on 25 years drumming with literally thousands of people – I can say with great certainty – that personality types emerge and intertwine in ways that follow Myers-Briggs profiles. Finding your place and achieving synchronicity in a group is a powerful proposition.

Let’s get drumming!

How your personlity makes you drum - Overview

How your personality makes you drum - detail

Drum circles welcome risk takers.

Drum circles are a place for risk takers, a place for those willing to try something different.

Are you someone who likes to try things you haven’t done before? Who are those people? It seems they also manage to smile no matter what is asked of them? Are you lucky enough to know someone like that? I met one such person not so long ago. She had never played a drum before in her life yet while playing she taught me many things.

Great Attitude

If you are having fun then keep playing, no matter what!

This week I am enjoying the pleasure of introducing drumming to some Gr. 7 & 8′s. It’s so interesting. So revitalizing!

There is absolutely no resistance. They only have the constant desire to play. I cannot fault them as they sit impatiently on the edge of their chairs waiting for me to give permission for them to get a drum. I cannot fault them as they explode out of their chair like door-crashing Black Friday shoppers to grab the one they’ve been eying. I cannot fault them for having trouble stopping their drumming when I need to speak. They embrace the drums. They love every little tap they create.

They don’t really notice ( or perhaps care) that they are also involved in cooperation, respect, leadership, negotiation, and creativity. They are just having fun. Meanwhile their brains soak up how physics, history, geography and mathematics and life are all a part of drumming. They do notice that everyone in the class needs to be totally engaged for our creations to be their best. They don’t let anyone off the hook.

Yesterday I had to thank them, for they reminded me of things that I have taken for granted about playing a drum. They reminded me about what it is to play without inhibition. They reminded me about how great drumming is when you play with people who really love to play even though they don’t know how.

They reminded me of the pure joy we all had for making music before someone cast an opinion on our level of talent, and neutralized our desire.

My advice to these students: if you are having fun then keep playing, no matter what!

Let’s get drumming!

A great place to work together

Imagine a place where people come together to produce a great outcome. These people are a diverse group from different backgrounds. They are a mix of personality profiles. They have a range of skills and talents. They each have different tasks to accomplish. To produce their outcome, their roles must be intertwined seamlessly, efficiently and flawlessly. They must constantly assess how they are doing. They must keep watch on the outcome. They must be able to make changes on the fly. Their success, or failure, will be immediately obvious to themselves and observers. The beauty is, that when it all comes together, everyone knows it. When it’s all clicking, everyone is smiling and having fun. It feels magical and euphoric. These people can’t help but feel an incredible sense of joy and accomplishment. They wish this feeling, this outcome, could last forever. Welcome to the Drum Circle: a great place to work together. Let’s get drumming!
BOOMDrumming teamwork in progress

Inside Corporate Drum Circles – respect through listening!

Respect is inherent when you drum with another person. Your ears must be open. Without words you are saying, “let’s build something together”.

Drum Circles showcase diversity and inclusion!

With a little bit of coordination, and some listening, and some appreciation of the sounds around you, you can make music. and that is very similar to when you create a culture of inclusion, where you really leverage the diversity of people.

Drum Circle group with a “CAN DO” attitude!

At first glance you might think this is just an ordinary group of people, but they are very inspiring to me. They are all people who run their own businesses, accompanied here by the spouses, who undoubtedly act in a supporting or partnership role. They are open minded and fully engaged. They show an incredible “can do” attitude. Watch as they listen, let the rhythm inside them and then make something magical happen. Just incredible! Let’s get drumming!

Drum circles blend traditions together!

Like people, drums come from all over the world. It is no surprise that when you travel, it is so common to see or hear one. It is also no surprise that when we hear one, we want to move to its beat. The less inhibited around us simply can’t help it. Everyone (even those who claim to have “no rhythm”) have a close relationship to a beat.

Also like all of us, every drum has a tradition, a deep history that links them with their culture, their ancestors and their ways of doing things. Most drums have a traditional repertoire that was created for specific purposes, be it to prepare for battle, celebrate the harvest or tell an epic tale. Drumming was originally about telling a story.

It is beautiful to see someone playing a drum for the first time. They smile as they revel in its excitement, they get pulled in by its voice and feel its incredible power to push negativity from the soul. The feeling is much like meeting someone new: you know you like them, but you don’t really know why. It just feels good to be with them. Later you learn you like them because of who they are, their traditions, their way of doing things and how they make YOU feel.

The drum circle has evolved naturally, as has our society. It is a medium where rich and deep traditions are blended together to create something new, something that represents us in our present cultural melange. The drum circle allows us to create new stories and new traditions.

This is wonderful, but we must never forget to take the time to learn about and honour the traditions that made each of us who we are. That knowledge will make what we play and do together even stronger. Let’s get drumming!

Drum Circles create joy and blend traditions

One note or many, they all matter!

These people have discovered the essence of team work. Each person is listening and using their unique ability to contribute a key part of the overall piece. One note or many, they all matter!

Are you a loud foundational drum?

Which of these drum ‘qualities’ best represents YOUR personality?

Surdo lg Strong, steady and unwavering.

Surdo - A large Brazilian drum played with a soft mallet. It plays simple bass parts that are extremely important to the group foundation.

Djembe Loud, aggressive, and busy. Loves the spotlight.

Djembe – a goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa. It often plays very fast impressive solos that light up a room.


Leader, complex, malleable, uses a soft confident approach.

Darbuka -is a single head drum  with a goblet shaped body used mostly in the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Bodhran A great supporter and improviser within given frameworks.

The Bodhran – an ancient Irish drum played mostly with a stick ( tipper).

Tambourim Loud, repetitive and motivating.

The Tambourim – a small, round Brazilian frame drum of Portuguese and African origin. It is played with a stick and is very high pitched.


What kinds of drum [personalities] do you have on your team?

If you give an introvert a big drum you’ll hear them better and if you give an extravert a more subtle drum – the tone of their delivery could be more effective.

The best way, I know, to assorting communications styles for optimum outcomes in a group is through a drumming circle.

Let’s get drumming!

A BOOMDrumming circle can incite your team!

Drums have been found in Neolithic cultures dating to 5500–2350 BC. Drums not only had musical qualities, they were also a means of communication over great distances. Drums had a direct effect on soldier’s morale and were so powerful that they could change the result of a major battle. Today a sales manager may incite his team to drum up new business and what this specifically means is to use a strategic method, and consistent effort to communicate with as many prospects as possible over a specified period of time. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A DRUM IS PLAYED FOR OTHERS TO HEAR and FEEL with a requisite RESPONSE. This metaphor, this effort and this outcome are consistent with the earliest use of drums and drumming.

Companies that have employed drumming circles consistently cite a change in the energy, attitude and effort of the group. What began 2500 years ago is available for you today in the form of a corporate drumming circle. On the web site there are testimonials and examples where drumming positively affected the dynamics of a group. A boomdrumming circle can incite your team.

Let’s get drumming.

Sales Teams

Different sized drums create unique voices!

Drum circles with different drums give each player a unique voice. Just like the people you work with. Let’s Get Drumming!

Drums for drums circles

BOOMDrumming Corporate Drum Circle Drums

Connect through Listening!

You have a job description, that’s what you do, and if you perfect that you will become good at it, but it’s only use is in context is with other people.

Drumming can be soothing.

The overall vibe was warm, friendly, even happy…a group of people creating music as one. Let’s Get Drumming!

Let’s make a recording!

If you have a team, a group, a collection of people… i have a full proof method of making music with YOU. In fact, let’s make a recording…

It’s what you say and do that counts.

It’s not what I think, it’s what you say and do that counts.
Thank you for your kind words.
Paul Houle

A drumming circle encourages respect and respects participation

A drumming circle encourages respect and respects participation. Listening is key to communing.

A drumming circle brings people in a department together.

These are strange days, the phone is quiet but email and social media are buzzing. While buzzing in interesting… live in-person conversations are much much more satisfying — and maybe that is the point – a drumming circle reminds us that interactions are fundamental to being a group, a community, an organization. That we need to be present - to participate — beyond email – beyond social media. To strike a drum you must be present.

Many companies have frozen sales and marketing budgets until there is an indication of economic health… that is understandable but when the going gets tough, it is even more important to make sure that everyone in your boat, forgive the metaphor, is paddling with the same rhythm, the same stroke… and YES, a drumming circle, owning drums – even… can do just that. A drumming circle and some cocktails costs about the same as taking your team for a nice dinner but the residual effect is completely different.

A drumming circle brings people in a department together – it makes them present and encourages participation and teamwork.

So if you’ve seen my posts, if you’ve thought even fleeting thoughts about how a drum circle would work in your organization – i invite you to reach out to me now.

By phone: 416 767-3786

By email: paul[at}

We’ll talk, I’ll give you a quote, and hopefully one day soon – there will be symbiotic vibrations in your group.

Thanks for reading.
I would love to share my passion for music with you.


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Deep inside a drum circle…

Deep inside a drum circle, unique voices are woven into one awesome, pulsating groove! Let’s Get Drumming!

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